RSS Feeds

As well as being displayed on the Service Status web site, Service Status postings are available via a configurable set of RSS feeds. RSS feeds are a standardized format for Web content most often used to syndicate news. To receive the latest Service Status postings through our RSS feeds, you will need a feed reader, or aggregator.

You can specify in the feed URL which services and what posting types (Status, Outages, News) you would like to recieve. Use the form below to configure and subscribe to the feed of your choice.


Posting types:

Feed URL:

Getting Started with RSS Feeds

The first step in subscribing to our RSS feeds is to choose a feed reader, or aggregator. There are a variety of aggregator applications available to download for all computer platforms, as well as Web-based services.

An aggregator application will allow you to store feeds on your computer, similar to the way that you download e-mail messages, whereas Web-based feed readers allow you to access your RSS subscriptions from any computer that has Internet access.

For a list of various aggregator applications and Web-based services, visit the RSS Compendium™ directory of News Readers.

Subscribing to an RSS Feed

To subscribe to the RSS feed, you will need to provide your aggregator with the correct web address; copy the URL listed above (as "Feed URL:") and add it as a new subscription to your feed aggregator.

Once you have subscribed to the feed, you can get the latest Service Status updates delivered directly to you, as soon as they are published, without having to visit the Service Status web page.

Getting Help

For further assistance with RSS feeds, please contact the OIT Technology Support Center at 404-894-7173 (Mon-Fri 8am-5:00pm EDT).